onpoint boarding

Folding telescopic passerelle

Internal yacht space is at a premium within the modern Superyacht, therefore onpoint have developed an innovative solution to minimise the stowage envelope of the passerelle whilst maximising total extension.
This specific passerelle design enables a total length of 11.2meters (4.5m past transom) stowed within an envelope of 6.9meters.
Options also include telescopic pantograph steps in place of the telescopic section for specialist applications.

Key Features

  • 5083/6082 Construction
  • 6x custom stainless steel rams
  • Stainless steel stanchions
  • Under step lighting
  • 90 degree PRT or STB slew
  • 2.5 Meter Fall
  • Folding and lock Mechanism
  • Hydraulic fender system

At onpoint yacht systems we are specialists in design and manufacture of high end custom boarding apparatus and mechanical features for the superyacht industry.

Based in Southampton UK we are ideally placed, servicing the major yards and private yachts across Europe and the Mediterranean